Tam Peley

  • Nickname: Tam
  • Hometown/Country: Newmarket, UK
  • Discipline: Dirt jumps, slopestyle, and freeride MTB
  • Career Highlight: Organizing a women’s MTB event
  • Favorite Dragon Energy Flavor: Dragon Energy Zero sugar Tropical
  • Hobbies: Baking sourdough
  • Dream Extreme: Enter a series of slopestyle events.

Dragon Energy Squad Member:

I got into mountain biking over COVID and took my journey to the next level. I became a fully qualified bike mechanic and after a year of riding, I fell in love with dirt jumps then slopestyle and freeride were just the natural evolution. Dragon energy has helped me achieve my goals in the past year and can’t wait for the future! Before dropping in, I love a cold refreshing Tropical can to help with energy and give me extra send.