• Nickname: Ash
  • Home Town: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Discipline: Street Skateboarding
  • Career Highlight: Notable achievements include winning top Grom U13 at the age of 8, receiving an invitation to Tampa in the USA, and being part of the renowned "Blind 72hrs in LA" street video.
  • Favorite Dragon Energy Flavor: Dragon Energy Original Red
  • Most Extreme Experience: Conquering a 15-stair handrail in Los Angeles.
  • Dream Extreme: To execute a Salad grind on the Hollywood 16 upon his return.

Dragon Energy Squad Member:

Ashton Banwell, affectionately known as Ash, is a prominent figure in the world of street skateboarding and a valued member of the Dragon Energy squad. With his impressive track record of accomplishments and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Ashton perfectly embodies the ethos of Dragon Energy. His electrifying style and fearless approach to extreme sports make him a natural fit for the Dragon Energy team.

Extreme Ambitions:

Fueled by Dragon Energy, Ashton Banwell's thirst for adventure knows no bounds. From conquering challenging handrails to setting his sights on legendary spots like the Hollywood 16, Ashton is always pushing himself to new heights. With Dragon Energy by his side, Ashton is prepared to tackle any obstacle and achieve his wildest dreams in the world of extreme sports.