Alex Mcinnes

  • Nickname: McInnes
  • Home Town: Dubai (originally from a small town in Scotland)
  • Discipline: Cross Country Rally / Baja
  • Career Highlight: Victorious in my first rally stage at The Saudi Arabia International Baja, surpassing competitors I admire.
  • Favorite Dragon Energy Flavor: Dragon Energy Original Red
  • Most Extreme Experience: Conquering 2100 kilometers over five days at The Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, with speeds exceeding 150 km/h and navigating colossal sand dunes.
  • Dream Extreme: The Dakar Rally is the ultimate challenge on my bucket list, pushing the boundaries of mind, body, and machinery against the world's fastest riders for two grueling weeks in the desert. Additionally, I aspire to ride Audi Nines or equivalent-sized jumps.

Dragon Energy Squad Member:

Alex McInnes, a seasoned veteran in cross-country rally and baja racing, proudly represents Dragon Energy as a valued member of our squad. With a relentless drive for excellence and a penchant for pushing the limits, Alex embodies the essence of Dragon Energy. Whether he's conquering treacherous desert terrains or setting new records on the race track, Alex's unwavering determination and passion for extreme sports perfectly align with the values of Dragon Energy.

Extreme Ambitions:

Fuelled by Dragon Energy, Alex McInnes is constantly seeking new heights of adrenaline-fueled excitement. From his breathtaking victories in rally competitions to his aspirations of tackling the Dakar Rally, Alex's thirst for extreme challenges knows no bounds. With Dragon Energy by his side, Alex is prepared to take on any obstacle and conquer the most daring feats in the world of motorsports.