• Nickname: Sj
  • Home Town: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Discipline: Skateboarding
  • Career Highlight: Meeting female pro skateboarders like Elissa Steamer.
  • Favourite Dragon Energy Flavour: Dragon Energy Xtreme Dry Lemon.

Dragon Energy Squad Member:

As a proud member of the Dragon Energy squad, Sharné Jacobs embodies the essence of extreme sports and adrenaline-fueled action. With her passion for skateboarding and relentless drive, she represents the Dragon Energy brand with style and determination.

Extreme Ambitions:

When it comes to pushing the limits, Sharné is always up for the challenge. From skydiving to meeting her skateboarding idols, she thrives on adrenaline. But she's not stopping there. SHARNÉ dreams of cage diving with great white sharks and drifting on a racetrack. With Dragon Energy by her side, she's ready to take on any extreme adventure that comes her way.