Nick Rogers

  • Nickname: NR96
  • Home Town: Litchfield MN, USA.
  • Discipline: Quad Freestyle.
  • Career Highlight: Raced atv’s for 4 years and eventually transitioned to freestyle. I’ve been riding on the ATV Big Air Tour for 5 years now.
  • Favourite Dragon Energy Flavour: Dragon Energy Original.
  • Most Extreme Thing You Have Done? Successfully landed a 75ft gap backflip, a feat achieved by fewer than 20 people worldwide.

About Nick Rogers:

Nick Rogers, known in the adrenaline-charged world of extreme sports as NR96, hails from the USA and has made a name for himself in the Quad Freestyle discipline. With a stellar career that began with ATV racing and transitioned into the high-octane realm of freestyle, Nick has been a prominent figure on the ATV Big Air Tour for the past five years.

Nick Rogers is a testament to the spirit of Dragon Energy, where extreme sports and unyielding determination converge. His remarkable feats and ambitious goals make him an ideal representative of Dragon Energy, inspiring others to chase their dreams and embrace the extreme.

Dragon Energy Squad Member:

Nick Rogers is a proud member of the Dragon Energy squad, embodying the brand's spirit of pushing boundaries and living life on the edge. As an athlete who thrives on the rush of extreme sports, Nick's partnership with Dragon Energy highlights the synergy between his high-flying tricks and the brand's invigorating energy drinks. Whether he's tackling massive jumps or perfecting his flip tricks, Nick relies on Dragon Energy to fuel his performances and keep him at the top of his game.

Extreme Ambitions:

Nick's journey in the world of Quad Freestyle is marked by relentless ambition and an insatiable thirst for new challenges. His dream is to master flipping off dirt jumps and gradually work his way up to performing smaller flip tricks. This ambition fuels his drive to continuously push his limits and explore new heights in his sport.