• Nickname: il gatto
  • Hometown: Boksburg, Gauteng
  • Discipline: Free Ride & Motocross
  • Career Highlight: Finishing the Roof of Africa and leading Team North vs. South.
  • Favorite Dragon Energy Flavor: Dragon Energy Original

About Adriano Manco Catalano:

Adriano Manco Catalano, fondly known as il gatto, hails from the adrenaline-fueled streets of Boksburg, Gauteng. With a passion for Free Ride & Motocross, Adriano has carved his name in the annals of extreme sports history. His career highlight includes conquering the challenging Roof of Africa and leading Team North vs. South, showcasing his skills on the track. Adriano's journey is fueled by his love for Dragon Energy Original, propelling him to new heights with every daring stunt and heart-pounding ride. As an icon of fearlessness and determination, Adriano inspires others to chase their dreams and embrace the thrill of the extreme.

Dragon Energy Squad Member:

As a proud member of the Dragon Energy squad, Adriano embodies the spirit of extreme sports and the relentless pursuit of adrenaline-fueled action. With his fearless approach and unwavering determination, Adriano represents the essence of Dragon Energy – pushing boundaries, defying limits, and igniting the fire within.

Extreme Ambitions:

The most extreme thing I've ever done? I jumped 130ft – by far the gnarliest thing I've done. But what I still want to do? Backflip to wheelie, no doubt about it! With Dragon Energy coursing through my veins, I'm ready to conquer even greater feats.